RoboJuice Venture Investment Program (RJVIP)


Brand New Approach to Food Retail Industry

1st project is smart RoboJuice
an innovative take to making Smoothies and Fresh Squeezed Juices using robotics technology with an entertainment twist

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Investment Letter of Intent
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  • Large amount of manual labor
  • Unhealthy Ingredients
  • High risks of losing at least $200K because Non-transportable from one location to another
  • Poor professional skills of employees
  • Inefficient use of resources in the Smoothie and Fresh Squeezed Juice industry


Our first project — smart RoboJuice

Juice bar that offers a wide range of Smoothies and Fresh Squeezed Organic Juices with a volume of 12 and 16 fl. oz. cups.
Easy transportable!

12 fl. oz. = 355ml, 16 fl. oz. = 473ml

Fastest Service Ever
≈ 30 sec
Entertainment Twist
telling jokes, smile, dancing
Easy to Manage
Low Rental Cost
23 ft²
No Human Factor
≈ 30 sec
Low Operating Cost
telling jokes, smile, dancing
Easy Transportable


Vending Machines
  • Limited variety (only orange juice)
  • Preparation time - 90 sec per glass
  • Boring design
  • No fun content
Juice Bars
  • Hourly wages
  • Large rental space
  • High staffing requirements
  • Not standardized quality
  • Long preparation time (up to 5 min)
  • Cash caring
  • High initial investment and risks
Key Market Players
Orange Julius – 5700 locations (USA)
Smoothie King – 1000 locations (global)
Jamba Juice – 900 locations (global)

15,000 Total Juice & Smoothie Shops (USA)

Annual Market

Rising Healthy Lifestyle
$170 Billion — All Juices & Smoothies
Global 2018
CAGR Grow +6% → More Than Coffee
$10 Billion Global
Fresh Juices ($10B)
Smoothies ($5B)

$5 Billion USA
Fresh Juices ($3B)
Smoothies ($2B)

$850 Million
Our Revenue in 4−5 years
CAGR by 2021
Organic Juice
Cold Pressed Juice
Smoothie Grew 80% Past 5 Years

Global Distribution

Using Biggest Entertainment and Retail Chains we will reach 1 Billion visitors worldwide
1st stage
Testing Serving in Crowded places
  • San Francisco's food court (in shopping mall)
  • Farmers Markets in San Francisco Bay Area (10,000 in USA)
  • Santana Row in San Jose, California
  • Google Campus in Mountain View, California
2nd stage
Global Serving
  • Disneyland, Universal, Six Flags, Great America, Legoland parks with total of 250M visitors per year. Integration of Mickey Mouse, Lego Figures robots shaped and other heroes
  • Amazon Go Automated Retail Stores 1−3M visitors per year
  • Airports, Farmer's Markets, Railway Stations, Fitness Clubs, Schools, Office and Shopping centers and other crowded locations

Advantage technology

RoboJuice price
Patent Pending Solution
Our innovative one-of-a-kind Robot-Arms with a hydraulic drive will replace an expensive existing robot-arms and allow us to create a low cost solution which will solves a major tasks of preparing food and drinks for small business
$80K with Expensive Industrial Arms
Not needed for Juice & Smoothie Sales
  • Expensive Servo Motors
  • High Accuracy
  • High Speed
  • High Lifting Capacity
NOT AFFORDABLE For Small Business
$20K with Patent Pending Arms
Suitable for Juice & Smoothie Sales
  • Hydraulic Drives
  • Accuracy 1 mm
  • Speed 1,500 in/min
  • Lifting Capacity 4.4 pounds
REASONABLE For Small Business

Income Projection

Optimistic in 4-5 years
Revenue & Income
240 Owned Locations
Annual Revenue
$60 Million

Annual Net Income
$20 Million
3000 Franchise Locations
Annual Revenue
$790 Million

Our Royalty Annual
$79 Million

Business Model

Owned Location
Expected 240 Owned Locations
Opening Cost $30K per location
Payback Period 5−7 months

Monthly Revenue per Location
(RRP $6) in thousands USD
Targeted Monthly Revenue
per Location
Revenue $22K (RRP $6 per cup)
Net Income (Net Profit) $7.2K

Sold daily 120 cups
Operation Days 30.5

Annual Revenue $63M
$22K × 240 locations × 12 months

Business Model

Franchise Locations
Expected 3000 Franchise Locations
Opening Cost $30K per location
Payback Period 6−8 months
Initial Franchise Fee $0
Royalty 10% ($2.2K)
Monthly Revenue per Location
(RRP $6) in thousands USD
Targeted Monthly Revenue
per Location
Revenue $22K (RRP $6 per cup)
Net Income (Net Profit) $5K

Sold daily 120 cups
Operation Days 30.5

Annual Revenue $792M
$22K × 3000 locations × 12 months

How RoboJuice reduces the costs?

Robotics Startups

Millions $ Raised
Robotics Industry is growing more rapidly than expected. Boston Consulting Group is conservatively projecting that the market will reach $90 Billion by 2025
Cafe X $14M
Moley Kitchen $1M
Creator $24M
Chowbotics $11M
Zume Pizza $400M
Misorobotics $13M
Makr Shakr $3M
Robofusion $2.5M

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