Smart robots for retail trading at the fast food market

We produce robot devices and sell franchise for the right to use them in food retailing.
A future where robots do everyday tasks like brewing coffee, making hot dogs and preparing breakfast is inevitable. But you don't need to panic. When one door closes, many more open.
We design and construct robots which are capable of liberating you from monotonous tasks and become helpful assistants in business and everyday life. We want to make sure that robots serve to people and not the other way around.
Our solution
Robotization of food retailing has already begun. However, it is not economically profitable to utilize high-precision industrial manipulators for that purpose. We put aside the excessive functionality and came up with a new drive, which costs a lot less than other production solutions.
New technologies are changing business world even today.
Don't miss the chance to take the best place in the forefront.
Innovative approach
Franchising business model
Reduction of operation costs
Short payback period
Business with RobotsFoods removes complexities and gives you a positive feeling.
Provides regular income without delving into operational management.
Gives you time and freedom for other engagements — travelling, art, any other business projects.
Quickly pays back and easily scales up.
Intensive investment is not required.
Simple and easy operational maintenance.
Helps to improve quality of people's lives in urban environment.
Do business with RobotsFoods
If you ever tried to launch business in the fast food market before, you should know about three main factors which will determine your business success.
Human factor
Operational costs
Business processes automation
Human factor

  • enthusiastic employees
  • self-devotion to the company
  • labor discipline
  • ability to learn quickly
  • expertise
  • high probability of error occurrence
  • risk of thievery at the workplace
  • incentives downside risk
  • high personnel turnover
  • high percentage of defectives due to poorly qualified employees
→ therefore, financial expenditures increase
Operational costs

  • fixed utility expenses
  • minimum expenditures for retail lease
  • estimated expenditures for tax and employees' labor payment
  • sensible advertising campaigns
  • rent of space in regard to normative squaring standards with respect to one worker
  • increased rates of taxation
  • staff compensations increase
  • unforeseen utility bills
  • unreasonable expenditures for advertising campaigns
long pay-off period
Business processes automation

  • built up business processes
  • staff control
  • elaborated algorithms of opening new outlets
  • minimal time expenditures for personnel training
  • difficulties in processes algorithms
  • staff control issues
  • difficulties relating to opening new outlets
  • a lot of time for personnel development
low scalability
We match expectations
In order to match your expectations, we offer to establish a business which is easily scalable, has a short pay-off period, provides regular income, and favors your clients.
What business is this? This is the business involving JuiceBot robot barman.
Robot bartender JuiceBot
With the introduction of JuiceBot we start a new era. And it is just the first step. In a while we'll begin to produce robots capable of preparing pizza and hot dogs, brew coffee and make ice-cream.
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