RobotsFoods Team

Together we are working on our first robotics project JuiceBot. Enjoy Future With Us!
Mikalai Sakhno
Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur with six years of development experience in the fast food industry, including modernization of food-producing equipment. Among Nikolas's projects: successfully sold company "Sweet Magic" – an unique technology for making cotton candy of different shapes and colors; production of thermo-bags for takeaway beverages; food truck restaurants chain; several franchises started from scratch.
Engineer with a track record of commercially successful hardware inventions.
Nikita is the founder of Apis Cor (the winner of NASA competition), inventor of a unique mobile 3D-printer for building construction, designer of the CNC-controlled metal-cutting machines; as well Nikita has experience in the field of composite construction materials.
Ilya Rudnitski
Business Development
Entrepreneur with an extensive experience in Real Estate sales; Experienced in setting up the business processes as well as building of international business relationships. Provider of catering services at the Olympics Games.
Nikolay Karpov
Chief Marketing Director & Strategy Developer
Entrepreneur with Master of Art degree. Distributor of major world mints and runs an international online-retail coin company. Multiple awards in cinema and photography. High experience in developing unique creative and marketing strategies for retail and art industries.
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